“Did You Know” Digital Campaign

  • Summary: Did You Know Campaign will feature on multiple platforms to drive users to our Estrogen Dominance Quiz
  • Goal: Driving users to take the Estrogen Dominance quiz.
  • Tracking successes: Utilize all available statistic-gathering tools on all platforms to monitor progress of campaign and see what is working best. This has the added benefit of learning where to focus future campaigns for best success.
  • Target Market: Taking advantage of Hormones & Balance/Wellena’s robust community to target women who may be dealing with estrogen dominance and create awareness for women who may not even realize they are. Women age 40 and up. Awareness in younger women is never a bad thing either.

Ideas to consider: 

  • Research podcast sponsorship avenue. Due to COVID-19, podcasting is really hot right now and providing short scripts for popular health and wellness podcasts can be an inexpensive way to reach a different audience.
  • Consider filming some of the recipe videos on TikTok. The audience there does skew towards a younger audience, but the best part of TikTok is that the videos are VERY shareable on multiple platforms. TikTok also has a robust audience for #womenshealth and #wellness. In fact, there is a community on TikTok devoted to estrogen dominance that would be easy to join. Then you can share the videos on all other social media platforms.
  • Multiple campaigns can be run on the Google Display Network. For example, separate campaigns could be created for each “Did You Know” fact, each with its own graphics and audience targeting, and campaign research for them can then be used to further direct marketing decisions.

3-Month Digital Plan

2 weeks before launch:

  • TEASERS: Step up social posts featuring recipes addressing estrogen dominance. Note: I wasn’t sure if the quiz is available pre-launch, but if it is, obviously these posts can include the CTA for it.
  • TEASERS: Use pull quotes from media kit featuring Magdelena for Facebook/Instagram
  • TEASERS: Feature testimonials from media kit in various social posts.

Launch Day, and rest of March:

  • Hold another AMA with Magdelena live on Facebook on launch day.
  • Share the book trailer across all platforms and in email blast.
  • Begin Social Media blitz: Share first Did You Know fact post, 8am-10am (time zone-specific) and make it a sponsored boost for 2-3 days until the next DYK is shared and boosted. Each Fact post will include the CTA for the quiz. (See asset below) 
  • Begin sharing 30-90 second recipe videos, 1pm-3pm. (See video asset below)
  • Begin sharing pull quote posts, 6pm-8pm. 
  • 2 Email blasts featuring the quiz per month. Use DYK fact. 
  • Launch CTA banners for campaign(s) on Google Display Network.
  • Continue scheduling these for the rest of March. Three times a week is ideal, but dependent on availability of video assets.
  • Closely monitor stats, follower/like counts and adjust times of posts accordingly.
  • Research: Identify possible podcasts to sponsor.


  • Meet to review March statistics. Give the okay to go ahead with TikTok and podcast avenues of promotion.
  • TikTok: Videos can feature more recipes, or perhaps H&B team doing quick Q&As using the DYK facts. It’s easy to think of TikTok as a silly place, but there are viable communities sharing valuable health information there. Added benefit: I strongly feel that exposure to a younger audience puts the information out there and provides brand awareness.
  • Podcast: If the go ahead is given for this avenue, provide short scripts for podcast hosts to read during their promotion breaks. 
  • Consider being a guest on a health podcast.
  • 2 email blasts featuring the quiz.
  • Change banners for campaign(s) on Google Display Network.


  • Continue DYK fact posts on different days than were used in March. 
    • Change up Facebook boosts to take advantage of carousel images: one DYK fact, one testimonial, art and link for quiz.
    • Analyze stats to determine optimal times to post.
    • Revisit whether to spend money on boosts, dependent on stats.
  • 2 email blasts featuring the quiz.
  • Change banners for campaigns on Google Display Network.
  • Hold a review of this campaign at the end of the month to analyze what worked and what really didn’t.


Sponsored Facebook post for Did You Know fact:

Example “Tasty” video

Note: My idea is generally to create these videos using recipes specifically for estrogen dominance, with the CTA for the quiz. However, I couldn’t get some ingredients together in the time I had, so I made a video of the herb salt because I happened to have most everything on hand, just to give you an idea of what I mean by ‘Tasty-type’ videos)